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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May 14,
2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- We've all heard about the violence in Texas regarding the Muhammad cartoon contest (May 3, 2015) and multiple other violent Islamic reactions since 9/11. When does satire (disguised as humor) cross the line into mockery? Violence is not the answer but neither is decades of "silence" from Pastors and Rabbi's regarding animated media attacks on Judeo-Christian texts.

For years animation had an air of innocence thanks to classic Disney, Warner
Brothers and Hanna-Barbera productions but since the late 1980's The Simpson's, South Park, Family Guy, Futurama and other series' have done more damage than any bullets or bombs ever could. The harm caused by anti-faith propaganda to faith seekers, young Christians, and even children is incalculable. Chris Turner, the author of "Planet Simpson," recalled his young nephew saying God is fake because Homer Simpson said so. It's no secret that the originators and writing staff of The Simpson's have anti-faith views. The late Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon donated millions to American Atheists, co-creator Max Groening believes, "If there is a God, all evidence shows that He hates me," and writer George Meyer stated, "I'm a thoroughly virulent atheist... I was agnostic for most of my adult life, but then ["The Simpson's" writer] Mike Reiss started giving me grief about it. He said, "Oh come on...Be an atheist…" Family Guy/American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane openly admits his bitterness towards the Bible evidenced by his multiple interviews and projects (Inside the Actors Studio, films etc). Other examples of anti-faith propaganda include…
  • - Vulgar, money-grubbing clergy who are pedophiles (South Park, The Simpson's).
  • - God is an alcoholic, sexual voyeur who's evil (Family Guy, Robot Chicken).
  • - Creation = Myth (The Simpson's, Family Guy).
  • - Heaven and angels are fiction (American Dad).
  • - Eden is an allegory not history (American Dad).
  • - Noah swears and Noah's Ark is mocked (Family Guy).
  • - Abraham/Isaac near sacrifice is murder (Family Guy, American Dad).
  • - The Exodus miracles were faked (The Simpson's).
  • - Jonah died in the whale (The Simpson's).
  • - Nativity scenes are evil (The Simpson's).
  • - Jesus was a drunk (Family Guy).
  • - Thank Judas for causing Jesus' execution (Lil' Bush).
  • - Jesus faked miracles, sexualized crucifixion (Family Guy, American Dad).
  • - Jesus' blood is delicious (Lil' Bush).
(See more examples at, ---> "Media Bible Myths" or the "Newswire" link at the website).

If radical Islam resorts to violence due to a mere depiction of Muhammad what does that say about Judaism and Christianity's silence regarding true propagandist hostility? Why are faith leaders mute? Is it fear, a desire to be tolerant or perhaps
they're not educated apologetically. What do you think? This ministry wants to hear from you ( 

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