For decades the once faith-friendly Hollywood depicted Judeo-Christian beliefs with tolerance and respect. Liberal academia, although they may have disagreed with biblical claims of miracles/historical merit etc, kept their opinions to themselves. Those days have vanished in the era of the History channels, Family Guy, Noah, A.D. Exodus and other inaccurate Bible films.
"You've got to love how they portray Christianity, just a freak another fool for the world to see…" ( "I applaud the guys from Stryper for speaking out against anti-faith media propaganda in their new song 'Big Screen Lies' from their current release 'Fallen.' For decades Bible myths on the big and small screen have been met with either deafening silence from the church or the opposite, endorsements from well-known Pastors and Christian Celebrities who desire praise and influence from filmmakers despite the poor content," stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible Int'l (read complete article)
Another reason why this ministry speaks out against scripturally innacurate Bible films is that some Christians "cannot" tell the difference between the Bible on film and the Bible in text form. A perfect example is  a recent Facebook posting this ministry received from Michelle Esme MacKinnon from Alberta, Canada after watching "Risen" with her husband, "" I find it challenging to know what is from the Bible and what is Hollywood" dated July 12, 2016.
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