A unique apologetics ministry created for the 21st Century
A unique apologetics ministry created for the 21st Century


Why Jesus?
The “Biographies of the Bible” classes and presentations

Why are these classes essential today? Biblical illiteracy is growing. Many professing Christians are living ungodly lives (as the world dictates). Anti-Bible propaganda is seen, heard and taught “daily” on television, in theaters, in music and in the classroom. Twenty first century Christians need to be equipped to live godly lives by knowing, trusting and defending the scriptures.

 Garden of Eden
 Noah's Ark
 David & Goliath
Rick Dack travels the country with his multimedia "Biographies of the Bible" training classes that reacquaint Church congregations and Bible students with historic biblical persons/events using scripture and archaeology. The classes also stress biblical literacy, expose current media myths about the scriptures, provide information on faith-friendly entertainment alternatives and more. Invite Defending The Bible Int'l. to your Church and School today!

Note: all information (manner, order, style, content, design, photos and illustrations “unless noted by/from other copyright holders”) is the sole property of Defending The Bible Int’l. This ministry has experienced theft (from other faith-based organizations) and is perpetually watching online, in person and other means. Do not steal (Exodus 20:15).

Defending the Bible Int'l.

2017 and beyond


 Daniel in Babylon
Trial, Death, Resurrection
The “Biographies of the Bible” classes emphasize…

  • A return to teaching scriptural basics (biographical, archaeological and general theology).

  • The application of scripture to modern-day situations.

  • The training of Christians on how to defend their faith against current media/academic Bible myths with scriptural science. 

  • Faith-based tools of encouragement: Hollywood stories of faith, archaeological replicas, information on pro-Bible entertainment alternatives (DVD's, music, comedians, conservative academic organizations and more!).
Hollywood Bible Myths: The Book​​​​
Hollywood Bible Myths: The Book is an easy-to-understand review of the last fifteen years of Bible films (the good and the bad with a scripturally scientific defense of the errors). It will be released in the Fall of 2017. Each chapter covers a recent Bible film such as The Young Messiah, Risen, Noah, Exodus: Gods and King, Son of God and others.