Satan's Apple, The Young Messiah and Fox News 
Is it Wise for Pastors and Christian Celebrities to Endorse Error?

by Rick Dack, Defending the Bible Int'l.

Was Jesus blamed for a bully’s death due to discarded demon fruit? Did Jesus' birth prompt messianic amnesia and uncontrolled power? Was Jesus hunted down by Herod Archelaus after it was learned that Bethlehem's regional “massacre of the innocents” wasn't successful? Did a confused, demonic whisperer (or Satan) shadow the young Nazarene and only communicate with Jesus when ill? No. These examples aren’t scripturally/historically accurate but that hasn't stopped well-known Christian pastors and personalities (Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Christine Caine, Cal Thomas, Movieguide’s Ted Baehr and Kathy Lee Gifford) from endorsing this film in this era of biblical illiteracy. Wouldn't it be nice if Bible films were actually biblical and well-known Christians could tell the difference? Only a few have chosen to not endorse cinema error over the last 3 to 5 years one being media personality/Mormon Glenn Beck who refused to endorse Russell Crowe's “Noah” declared on The Blaze on March 24, 2014, “you will be horribly disappointed.”

On March 16, 2016 ‘The Young Messiah’ director Cyrus Nowrasteh stated the following in a Fox news article. “There is nothing in this movie -- and I have been told this by numerous Theologians and people who I talk to and who advise me….that contradicts anything that is in the Bible” but The Young Messiah does contain contradictions and bad Bible history regarding Jesus’ age, his messianic power and identity, an encounter with Satan/a demon, Jesus being hunted...” stated Rick Dack of Defending The Bible Int’l. ( Listen up “supposed” theologians…

  • When Joseph’s family returned from their exile in Egypt Jesus was not age seven but about two. Historically, Jesus was born about 6 B.C.E. Herod the Great died in 4 B.C.E. according to the Jewish historian Josephus. Immediately after Herod died an angel told Joseph he could safely return with his family to Israel (Matthew 2: 19, 20). Presumably Jesus’ family could live in Nazareth without threat from Herod Archelaus or soldiers. The Bible does tell us that the family did avoid Judea where Herod Archelaus ruled but that was not because Jesus was specifically being sought (Matthew 2:22, 23).

  • When Jesus was young he did know that he was the Messiah (Luke 2:49).

  • There is no reason to presume that Jesus’ messianic power was out of control but “The Young Messiah” film, based upon Anne Rice’s fictional “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.” does make this case. It was not a discarded apple that brought down Jesus’ bully in the Rice novel but it was power emanating from Jesus.

  • Jesus’ first encounter with any satanic/demonic presence in the New Testament was when he was tempted in the wilderness not when he was ill nor traveling with his family back to Israel from Egypt.

The Young Messiah does have its moments of inspiration and potential biblical authenticity. A few examples include Jesus’ theological questioning by a Nazareth Rabbi (the young Nazarene nimbly answering questions beyond his years) and Mary’s narrative about her angelic visit in the town of Nazareth (Luke 1:26). Most Bible films depict Mary’s visitation in the wilderness for aesthetic, visually pleasing purposes not biblical ones.

What is your impression after seeing “The Young Messiah?” This ministry also wants to hear your opinion about this article ( Is it too harsh or accurate?

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